Bruton Parish Church Architecture $19.95

This book expertly details the development of Bruton Parish Church from its first form in 1663 through its eighteenth-century additions, to its twentieth-century restorations. The author, Carl Lounsbury, explains in layman’s language, the construction, forms and features of the building—there’s

Bruton Gold Tone Ornament $29.95

This gold tone ornament portrays the front entrance of the Bruton Church Tower in 3D. It is encircled with a banner with “Bruton Parish Church” at the top and “Williamsburg, Virginia” on the bottom. Ornament Dimensions: 3 1/4″ H x

Episcopal Shield $50.00

Hand-carved in butternut wood and painted in red, white and light blue, Jerry Draper’s Episcopal Shield is carved with a notch for hanging flush to the wall. The name of the piece and the artist’s signature are engraved on the

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Our Story

Bruton Parish Church has been at the heart of Williamsburg since the earliest days of the town’s existence and it remains a vibrant and active Episcopal congregation. Now surrounded by the restored Colonial Williamsburg, the Church welcomes visitors to its

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